Academic Statements

These statements are an indispensable material for society consultation, companies and governments on major themes of the event held.

ITA’s History

The International Telework Academy -ITA- has its roots in the International Telework Foundation (ITF), an independent non-profit association, which was launched in 1995 under the auspices of three independent members.

Members Board

The board is a group of faculty members from different countries who share a vision on telework and new ways of working in the Information Society.

Telework – ITA’s Workshops

Este evento anual único por sus características académicas se realiza cada año en un país diferente, alternando entre Europa y Ameríca Latina desde el año 2010.


The International Telework Academy is a virtual organization dedicated to: Promoting research in the field of telework and other new forms of work; Strengthening ties between the international telework research community; Facilitating exchange between academic researchers, business practitioners and public policy makers. An annual International Telework Research Workshop will be conducted under the Academy’s auspices